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Case Study: From Potential to Realization

The Company

WrinkleBrain - an Amazon.com-certified Independent Software Vendor and Systems Integrator - is primarily focused on supporting the Amazon Merchant@ program through integration products and services. With headquarters in Mercer Island, Washington, WrinkleBrain also supports a variety of other businesses by creating custom solutions to solve Web connectivity issues.

The Project

Providing Amazon.com's merchants a suite of software products to help them simplify and streamline Amazon.com integration in an easy and affordable way.

In general, merchant integration involves converting catalog data into Amazom.com-compliant XML data feeds, and then sending/receiving data via SOAP interchanges.

To date, Amazon.com does not provide an automated tool to manipulate this information. Consequently, integration usually involves Merchants to process this information manually, resulting in a considerable amount of errors and a significant waste of time. Hence, the idea was to provide a suite of products that would automate the process at two critical stages, XML Creation and SOAP Management.

The Challenge

WrinkleBrain had many ideas for improving its current products as well as creating entirely new products. But like many other software companies, WrinkleBrain lacked the resources necessary to implement these new products and product enhancements as quickly as their competitive strategy required.

In addition to the low resources problem, creating a software solution to aid Amazon.com's Merchants was both, a potentially lucrative business and also an unexplored territory, making the investment even more risky.

That's where O3IT came in.

The Solution

WrinkleBrain required O3IT to create a functional prototype solution to convert Merchant's catalogs to an Amazon.com-compliant XML data feed.

This prototype would in time be presented to Amazon.com looking for a compliance certification before proceeding to the development of the final solution.

Given that the results where completely satisfactory and extending the low-cost / high-quality advantages already taken, WrinkleBrain offered O3IT to remain in the project during phase two; working closely with their specialists to integrate the initial prototype into a completely new, more appealing and friendly User Interface.

The Results

Today, the resulting application, "SellerIQ" helps generate Amazon.com-compliant flat files from any catalog (source) data stored in Excel, Mail Order Manager, or QuickBooks. SellerIQ extends Merchants catalog data with Amazon.com product classification data, and then ensures that the resulting flat file is compliant with both, the data requirements and formatting standards specified by Amazon.com.

Ever since, WrinkleBrain has had a string of major successes working with Amazon.com in the merchant integration arena. In recognition, Amazon.com has granted WrinkleBrain certification as both an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and System Integrator (SI).

To date, WrinkleBrain's  clients list  include over 100 merchants whose catalogs range from just 130 products to more than a million and its solution is helping them to get up and running on Amazon.com in record time at a remarkably low cost.

As a result of its relationship with O3IT, WrinkleBrain has been able to lower its product development costs, accelerate key product development initiatives and gain a crucial competitive advantage.

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