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Our Customers

Through the years, O3IT has participated in projects of different sizes, technologies and industries.

The following is a list of our most recent customers in the US , Spain and Argentina, the markets they participate in and the products or services we provided.

Amazon.com is the world wide leader in e-commerce retail.

WrinkleBrain, an Amazon.com certified Independent Software Vendor and Systems Integrator, is primarily focused on supporting the Amazon Merchant@ program through our integration products and services.

Located in Seattle Washington, WrinkleBrain trusted O3IT with the development of SellerIQ, the tool that helps generate Amazon.com-compliant flat files from any catalog (source) data stored in Excel, Mail Order Manager, or QuickBooks.

For more information, please see WrinkleBrain's
With headquarters in Logroño - Spain, Arsys is one of the leading ISP companies in Europe. Providing from Domain Name Registrar and Web Hosting to Shared and Dedicated Servers, Connectivity and the development of Value Added applications, Arsys works hard to stay inline with the latest technological trends, aiming to achieve new highs in the quality of the services they provide.

Whether it is for its in-house applications or to fulfill its customers' needs, Arsys trust O3IT with the development of value-add software solutions.
GIS Working (GW) is the first global consultant on Geographic Information Systems. GW do works and analysis of the infrastructure of GIS, associated with professionals and consultors of all over the world.

Through O3IT, GW develops applications that help its customers fulfilling their needs in terms of GIS mapping, feasibility studies, geographic analysis and databases.

GW trusts O3IT with the development of the PDA versions of their products.
With hearquarters in Florida - US, Mitmar Corporation is a software development company that specializes in custom application development.

Mitmar Corp partners with O3IT to maintain its competitive advantage when providing custom web solutions to its customers.
Located in Dalton Georgia - US, Intellectual Fuel is a software development company that specializes in providing innovative, reliable, flexible and affordable business solutions in both customizable and complete turn-key software applications.

Through O3IT, Intellectual Fuel provides its customers with the quality consulting and software development services that they need.
QEDnet partners with O3IT to provide its customers with software consulting services, providing expert consultants to assist in the planning and implementation of software projects.

Located in the state of Washington - US, QEDnet specializes in software architecture and design with emphasis on Service Oriented Architecture and Object Oriented Design.
Carroll.Net is an IT outsource service provider delivering a select family of services that small and mid-sized businesses seek to outsource most frequently; from server check-ups and real-time virus screening to 3-Way DATA daily Back-Ups.

Headquartered in New Jersey - US, Carroll.Net trusted O3IT with the development of the Web User Interfaces of its products based on .NET technologies.
With headquarters in Seattle - WA, and offices in Los Angeles - CA; Alliance Worldwide partners with O3IT to provide software solutions for the health care industry.

Alliance Worldwide also develops institutional, e-commerce and e-business websites and software solutions.
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