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Torsten Kablitz - QEDnet

''As an independent software consultant I consider O3IT my secret weapon. Often times I participate in project which are understaffed and on tight IT budgets. With O3IT I can bid on projects with a highly competitive price. I then provide a local face and expertise to my customer while O3IT works with me to deliver the quality software and code my customers expect from QEDnet.

I owe much of the success of QEDnet to my partnership with O3IT.''

Torsten Kablitz
Owner and President, QEDnet

Mitch Labrador - MitMar LC

''... I have previously outsourced various development projects to teams in Mexico, India, Eastern Europe, and UK in addition to Argentina, and I can say without a doubt that O3IT has been the best experience...

...On guidance / oversight, they have been the lowest maintenance outsourced team I've worked with. During concept design, I usually like to layout the general Idea / business problem, and have the team distill the specifics. A quality in the O3IT team that I have found to be very useful is that they will keep coming back with the right questions to implement a well scoped solution. This to me signals a thorough understanding of the business problem, and a culture of sharing your ideas and opinions, something I have found lacking in most of my other outsourcing engagements...''

Mitch Labrador
Chief Software Architect, Mitmar LC

Julian Chabouleyron - GISWorking

''... At the time we hired the services of O3IT they had no experience in software development for PDA devices. I thought that could be a potential risk. Nevertheless, they managed the whole development process as if they were born for that. I found O3IT a resourceful company, if they do not know something, they will research, learn and solve the problem.

I would definitely recommend O3IT to all companies looking to cover their .NET project outsourcing needs...''

Julian Chabouleyron

Derek Maxfield - NetSteps

''For NetSteps, having developers in a nearshore outsourcing relationship not only makes financial sense, but business sense as well. Sometimes having isolated developers away from the corporate office is a good thing because while I deal with the day-to-day operations and client requests, I always knew that my Argentine resources were developing unencumbered. Like I said, I was always amazed at not only the knowledge of my developers, but also at their ability to take my specifications and turn them in to reality. I would highly recommend O3IT to anyone looking for a cost-effective yet extremely effective and knowledgeable for both staff augmentation or entire project outsourcing.''

Derek Maxfield
President, NetSteps

Sean Doyle - CTO

''It has been very refreshing to work with a company that desires a relationship that is more than just a client and a vendor. I feel WrinkleBrain and O3IT have become partners in insuring the success of WrinkleBrain and SellerIQ. We needed our company to get up and running very quickly as time-to-market was a major factor for SellerIQ and, O3IT's ability to facilitate a quick start up by contributing with the talent and skills of its software engineers has been a terrific contributor to our cause.''

Sean Doyle
CTO, WrinkleBrain, Inc.

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