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Key Concepts of our Turn Key Solution Model

  • Best suited for companies that are not in the IT business
  • Allows you to determine the project budget and schedule in advance
  • Project Management is hosted locally
  • Programmers availability is restricted to the Customer
  • Billing is based on a pre-negotiated fixed amount for the entire project

Basic steps

  • Outline project requirements
  • Ensure mutual understanding of Customer's needs
  • Negotiate fixed price
  • Create project plan
  • Execute project plan
  • Deploy proposed solution
  • Give support during the pre and post release phases
  • The cycle starts again


This is the most traditional model for companies that are not in the IT business and that are looking for a custom software solution to attend their business needs

The turn key model is suitable for projects with well defined requirements. When your need is clearly specified in sufficient detail, O3IT estimates the project scope and complexity, and provides a project delivery schedule along with the fixed price for the complete product development.

The primary advantage of our Turn Key model consists in allowing you to determine the project budget and schedule in advance. However, in comparison with the Staff Augmentation model, Turn Key contracts are less flexible for managing changes and additional features requests. Any requirement changes or new feature requests occurring during the project implementation process will cause a re-negotiation of the delivery schedule and price.

In this model, direct access to the programmers assigned to the project is restricted to the Customer while most of the communication happens through an Account manager or, in more general terms, the person in charge of the project.

In this model O3IT along with the client define and stipulate project requirements. Requirements are reviewed by both parties to ensure a mutual understanding of the clients needs.

O3IT quotes a Fixed Price for the development of the project. Upon approval of the quote, our team creates a project plan detailing all the necessary resources, project timelines and milestones.

O3IT manages, executes and controls the development of the solution while our client is in permanent contact with the Project Leader and, along with the Account Manager, performs reviews to ensure the project's transparency.

The project is delivered on time and on budget while providing the necessary support at the client site.

O3IT continues to work alongside the client after release. Enhancements and bug fixes as well as post-release maintenance services are also provided as needed.

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