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Translation & Localization

International users of computer software have come to expect their software to ''talk'' to them in their own language. This is not only a matter of convenience or of national pride, but a matter of productivity. Users who understand a product fully will be more skilled in handling it and avoid mistakes. So they will prefer applications in their language and adapted to their cultural environment.

Localization and internationalization

Localization / Internationalization , also referred to as globalization, is the process of designing or redesigning a product so that it can be localized with minimal changes.

Localization is the process of adapting a product, in our context a software program, to a specific locale, i.e., to its language, standards and cultural norms as well as to the needs and expectations of a specific target market. A properly localized product also meets all the legal requirements in force in the user's region.

Users can interact with a successfully localized product in their own language and in a setting that feels natural to them. This means, for instance, that all messages are in their own language, that they can input names, addresses, dates, and other data in the same way they would write them down on paper, that they can freely use their standard keyboard characters wherever an entry can be made, and that any error messages are comprehensible to them.

If the original product is not built with a view toward being localized, this can be a very expensive and time-consuming process

O3IT's offer to your company

We help our clients increasing revenue by making their software products linguistically and culturally appropriate to the target markets. Our localization specialists use advanced tools and methodology to localize the Graphic User Interface (GUI), documentation and Help files for use in the target country.

If necessary, we will work closely with your own team to determine the most efficient way to manage the software localization process. We know that your developers are busy with the core development work and that localization is a time-consuming effort best left to software localization specialists. That's why we gear our turnkey service to minimize your involvement and time investment in the localization process.

Additionally, when we develop an application from the ground up, Localization considerations are always made. If you think is proper, we will design your Windows or Web application to be "Locale Ready" making the internationalization process almost transparent.

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