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Government Support

Due to the competitiveness and potential of Argentinean IT companies, our Federal Government has decided to promote the growth and encourage their international presence by providing a legal framework that stimulates the IT business. Now, the IT sector counts on special legislation that promotes its development and generates a favorable environment for the software and IT industries.

Laws sanctioned for the IT sector

Law 25.856 and Law 25.922 establish that the Software Development activity shall be considered a productive activity and comparable to an industrial activity, to the effects that the sector can count on tax benefits, credits and other types of assistance.

Strategic plan for software and IT services 2004-2014

Our Federal Government has designed a strategic plan for the IT industry establishing the program of ''National Forums of Industrial Competitiveness of Productive Chains", created by resolution no. 148 on November 5th (Secretary of Industry, Trade and of the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Ministry of Economy and Production).

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