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IT Expertise

IT savvy Management

Professional project planning, timely delivery and quality of code are amongst our most important strengths.

  • Strong focus on business and ROI and not only on technology matters.
  • Project management expertise and an eye for detail.
  • R&D Department to train our development team on emerging and industry standard technologies.

State of the art programming languages

Our team of software engineers has vast experience in software development in leading edge technologies such as .NET and Java. With over 20 man-years of combined software development experience, O3IT leverages human capital, professional expertise and low cost processes to offer top-quality cost-effective outsourcing solutions.


Our experienced teams possess the knowledge to build your solutions in multiple languages, development platforms and technologies.

We pride ourselves on being flexible enough to utilize the development platform that is best suited for our Clients' needs while providing an efficient and cost effective software solution.


Customer-centric nature

One of our most distinctive qualities is our customer centric nature. Our Clients are our top most interest and nothing is more important to us than providing the levels of satisfaction that they deserve.

Building long term relationships / partnerships with our Clients is our most wanted accomplishment and we believe that our customer-centric nature is the best way to reach this goal.

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