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Offshore vs. Nearshore

When companies consider outsourcing, they rapidly start thinking about the benefits associated with it. Lower development costs, access to a usually larger pool of IT resources, avoiding the struggles of recruiting and training among others.

On the other hand, most companies forget that there are also difficulties that must be tackled to ensure success in the process of outsourcing their IT requirements.

Common Problems in Outsourcing:

  • Time difference.
  • Cultural differences.
  • Communication problems.
  • Poor infrastructure.
  • Geopolitical risks.
  • Very expensive flight rates.
  • Jet lag.
  • Etc.

What most companies fail to see is that nearly all of the problems associated with Offshore Outsourcing are in fact connected with the destination they select, usually India or some other Middle Eastern country.

As explained below, all of these problems can be easily solved by selecting a NEARSHORE outsourcing provider.

The Nearshore Advantage

Some say that the Nearshore equation can be posited as ''Nearshore Outsourcing = Offshore Outsourcing + Proximity''. But what does Nearshore outsourcing really means?

  • Nearshore outsourcing means that O3IT is so close to America's time zone that you will almost entirely share your business hours with us. We are only one hour ahead of America's Eastern Standard Time (EST).
  • It means that our cultural similarities are overwhelming. This can easily be seen in our cuisine, art, sports and cultural activities.
  • It means that flying to our location will only take 10 to 12 hours from most major cities in the US.
  • It means that our infrastructure will guarantee seamless and virtually uninterrupted communications.
  • It means that O3IT's competitive pricing will help you reduce your development costs from 30 to 60 %.
  • It means that at O3IT we share your business culture.

Why are Nearshore advantages so important in the execution of quality IT services? Simply, they save time, and therefore money.

At O3IT we know Software Development and we know the tricks that make of IT Outsourcing a success. That is why O3IT is your best option in IT Outsourcing.

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